Arminia Tosse - Odenwälder Weininsel 

Arminia Tosse - The Team of

Arminia Tosse is a team playing in the footbal manager game "Hattrick".

Arminia Tosse is located in Germany, region Frankfurt. The team is currently playing in one of the 8th leagues (VIII. 399).

The stadium of Arminia Tosse is called "Odenwälder Weininsel" and available for 12.000 spectators. The team consists of several players from various countries.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact the team manager via HT-mail.

The "Team-Story":

Season 28      2nd in League XI
Season 29      1st in League IX
Season 30      4th in League VIII
Season 31      ???????

Wine - Island - Cup

In every season Arminia Tosse will organise a friendly-cup - called Wine - Island - Cup.
The next Wine - Island - Cup will start on 02.01.2007.
Teams which are interested to participate are requested to provide a HT-Mail to "Arminia Tosse".